Three Tips For Cleaning And Straightening Out The Wires In An Electrical Box


If you need to do electrical work around your home or diagnose a problem with an electrical outlet, you should pay special attention to taking care of your electrical boxes. Remember these three tips if you want to be effective and efficient while you're cleaning and straightening out the wires in an electrical box.

Use A Porous Paper Towel For Clearing Away Moisture And Debris

Since most electrical boxes aren't waterproof, there are many reasons why you might have a small amount of moisture in the boxes. As long as the moisture hasn't completely engulfed any of the wires in the box, cleaning it up should be a fairly simple matter.

To work more efficiently, use a high quality paper towel with a porous surface instead of something rougher like a normal washcloth. This will both speed up the task and ensure that all of the water you touch actually gets absorbed by the paper towel.

Be Careful Not To Move Wires Too Close To Where The Box Lid Will Be

Sometimes, wires are accidentally cut when they get caught in the space between one of an electrical box's sides and its lid. To ensure that this situation doesn't happen to you, always ensure that your wire clumps are as far away from where the box lid usually is before you finally close the box.

If all of the wire clumps in your electrical box look like they're fastened down tight by plastic or paper ties, it doesn't make much sense to move them just because they're near the box's edge. On the other hand, if you're forced to secure most of the wire clumps in the box yourself, it makes sense to secure them as far away from the edges of the box as possible so that they can't possibly get cut by the lid.

Use Tough Plastic Cable Ties For Loose Wire Clumps

If you need to straighten out a large number of wires quickly, tough plastic cable ties are ideal. Cable ties are good for many different types of wire clumps because you can adjust them to change how much space they'll enclose. And unless you're specifically trying to cut them, plastic cable ties are incredibly hard and durable.

While it might be easier to just ignore electrical boxes when you're trying to fix a problem with your electrical system, sifting through them is often the only way to figure out why one of your light fixtures is flickering or not working anymore. Although there are many possible causes for a power outlet that's not working properly, an electrical box is an often overlooked culprit. Contact an electrician, like those at Global Electric & Lighting Inc, if you're not confident making these adjustments on your own.


22 July 2015

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