Style Ideas For Modern Lighting In Your Home


Whether you want track lights to show off beautiful artwork on your walls or you want mellow lights in your family room for a relaxed appeal, an electrician such as Argon Electric Ltd electrical rewiring can transform your lighting into something you'll love in every room. The only thing you have to do is decide upon which modern lighting styles you want. Here are a few options for you to consider in your hallway, kitchen, and family room to make these areas more engaging.

Kitchen lighting

Since your kitchen and dining room are areas where your family often gets together, you want your lighting to be bright and intriguing. For the kitchen, proper cooking lighting in bright white is best to allow you to see ingredients, search for cookware, and to prepare tasty meals. Under-cabinet lighting brightens your kitchen without taking up space, making it easy to grab those late-night snacks or to see your counter tops with ease. This kind of unique lighting is ideal for smaller kitchens to make them appear larger.

For a larger kitchen, consider hanging lights over your breakfast bar, or strip lights in your ceiling so you can capture the entire room in bright, vivid light.

Hallway lighting

Wall sconces are beautiful wall lights that you can place on either end of your hallway to emit a soft glow for everyday traffic. If you have pictures on display, have an electrician install track lights that you can position to spotlight artwork, family photos, and other wall decor. Track lights are also great for shining into hallway closets so you can find linens, coats, and shoes easier.

Family room lighting

Your family room is where you relax, so you want soft yellow lighting in this space. Flush lighting in your ceiling makes a family room appear larger, and is less likely to get damaged by roughhousing than traditional covered lights are. If you want to control the brightness of the lights in this room for watching movies or reading, an electrician can install dimmer switches for you. Wall sconces are beneficial in this space as well, especially alongside a computer desk or armchair for individual brightness where it is needed.

An electrician can help you decide what kind of lighting works best in these areas of your home based on your desires and available budget. With the right lighting, you can help your kitchen, hallways, and family room be more enjoyable spaces to be in.


8 April 2015

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