Lamp Cord Not Long Enough? Learn How To Make It Longer


Running extension cords is one idea to plug in a lamp when the outlet is far away. If you do, you'll have to find a way to hide the end of the extension cord that hooks to the lamp cord so it doesn't interfere with your decor. For a more permanent solution and a clean look, you can lengthen the cord so you don't have a bulky, unsightly extension cord running along the wall. If you're the handy type, use these instructions to safely create a longer lamp cord.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Supplies

To perform this project properly, gather the following items:

  • utility knife
  • solder
  • soldering iron
  • black electrical tape
  • insulated electrical wire (long enough to extend to the desired length)

Step 2: Strip the Outer Portion of the Wire

Cut the end of the lamp cord, near the plug, off but leave a fair amount of cord on the end of the plug so that you can join it to the new wire. Make a small cut in the insulation around the lamp cord that still attached to the lamp, the plug cord and on both ends of the insulated wire about an inch away from the ends of each.

Slice the inch of insulation that you cut lengthways and remove to expose the wire on each end that you're connecting. Pull off the insulation.

Step 3: Line Up the Wires and Twist

Now that the wires are exposed on all ends, twist them together in a way that they are flat. There should be no space between the twists and no tiny wires hanging off the side.

Step 4: Heat Up the Soldering Iron

Heat up the soldering iron for a couple of minutes and place the end of the iron on the solder until you get a drop of it on the end.

Step 5: Solder the Wire Joint

Hold the soldering iron on the wire for a couple of seconds to form a metal covering over the wire. Do this for each spot where you twisted the wires together. Allow the solder some time to cool.

Step 6: Wrap With Electrical Tape

Wrap the sections of expose wire/solder with electrical tape. In doing so, make sure that no solder is exposed to prevent shocks or shorts.

Expect to spend several minutes to an hour on this project. Call an electrician (such as one from PRO-FX Services Inc) if you have any issues with these steps or if the lamp does not work when you plug it in. Use this for any device that's in need of a longer cord.


11 March 2015

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